What are you?


Intersecting cycles of water, earth, air, and fire, that’s what I am, that’s what you are.


As EARTH we are matter made from rock and soil. It too is pulled by the moon as the magma circulates through the planet heart and roots suck molecules into biology. Earth pours through us replacing each cell in the body every seven years. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we ingest, incorporate and excrete the earth, are made from the earth. I am that. You are that.


As WATER we are bloodlymphmucus, tears, inner oceans tugged by the moon, tides within and tides without. Streaming fluids float our cells, washing and nourishing through endless riverways of veins and capillaries. Moisture pouring in and through and out of you, of me, in the vast poem of hydrological cycle. You are that. I am that.



FIRE: fire, from our sun that fuels all life, drawing up plants and raising the waters to the sky through evaporation, forming clouds, to fall again replenishing. The inner furnace of our metabolism burns with the fire of the Big Bang that first sent matter-energy spinning through space and time. And the same fire that as the lightening that flashed into primordial soup catalyzing the birth of organic life. We are this.



AIR: the gaseous realm, the atmosphere, the planet’s membrane. The inhale and the exhale. Breathing out carbon dioxide to the trees and breathing in their fresh exudations. Oxygen kissing each cell awake, atoms dancing in orderly metabolism, interpenetrating. That dance is the air cycle, breathing the universe in and out again, is what you are, is what I am.

You were there, I was there, for each cell of our bodies is descended in an unbroken chain from that event.


Authors John Seed & Joanna Macy

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