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“Know Thyself. This is what the ancient Greeks carved on the temple at Delphi. It is an ideal that human beings have struggled toward for thousands of years. It is what astrology can teach us.” – Joanna Martine Woolfolk (Astrologer)

Understanding and resonating with Astrology comes from a deep knowing that we are energetic beings, and that the whole world and Universe in which we live in is made up of energy.

This constant shifting of the planets

brings out certain emotions, traits and opportunities, which, when aware of these energetic shifts, we can channel these energies to work through us and for us. These shifts explain certain periods of our lives, why we feel certain ways, how we interact with others and the world around us.

It is important when reading your signs to understand that some traits in one particular sign (i.e your Sun sign) may be stronger and some may not even be existent within you at all, depending on the exact planetary alignments at the time you were born.

By studying all of your Birth Chart you get an overall picture of who you are and why you are such an incredible gift to this world. The exact arrangement of the planets when you were born will not be repeated again for another 4,320,000 years, meaning there won’t be another person with your exact horoscope until then, and even then they will not have the same genetic make-up. Joanna Woolfolk, in her book ‘The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need’, beautifully describes each astrological sign as a miniature Book of Knowledge, and all twelve put together give us a picture of human beings, our bodies, minds and emotions, and of the surrounding world we live in.

All things are alive and connected


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Do Chakras Relate to the Energies of My Astrology Chart?

Chakras receive and emit energy. Each of the planets is like a receptor. Lines of energy flow from each chakra to each corresponding planet, and from there the energies flow outward. Challenging aspects between planets may indicate a corresponding blockage within that particular chakra.


Vedic Astrology Alignment
1st chakra – Saturn
2nd chakra – Jupiter
3rd chakra – Mars
4th chakra – Venus
5th chakra – Mercury
6th chakra – Moon
7th chakra – Sun

Days of Week
Sunday – the Sun
Monday – the Moon
Tuesday – Mars
Wednesday – Mercury
Thursday – Jupiter
Friday –Venus
Saturday – Saturn

astrology by the


Earth - Root 1st Chakra / Muladhara

Astrological Signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus
Planet Saturn
East: Stability, security, trust, physical health, loyalty, grounding, safety, forgiveness of self.
Self-Preservation, Right to be here, Manifestation, I am here
Season: Winter, Color: Green
Animal: Eagle

Water - Sacral 2nd Chakra / Svadisthana
Astrological Signs: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces
Planet Jupiter
West: Adaptability, emotion, psyche, movement, relationships, creativity, forgiveness of others
Self-Gratification, Right to feel, Individuation, I am me
Season: Fall, Color Blue
Animal: Jaguar



Fire - Navel 3rd Chakra / Manipura
Astrological Signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries
Planet Mars
South = Energy, passion, sociability, humor, self-image, self-esteem, vitality
Self-Definition, Right to act, Emancipation, I am free
Season: Summer, Color: Red
Animal: Serpent

Air - Heart 4th Chakra / Anahata
Astrological Signs: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Planet Venus
North = Communication, new beginnings, new growth, love, compassion, balance
Self-love, Right to act, Adoration, I am love
Season: Spring, Color: Yellow
Animal: Hummingbird



Your sun sign is the sign that the Sun was traveling through at your time of birth. From our viewpoint here on Earth, the Sun travels around the Earth once each year, moving through all twelve signs of the zodiac. This is the sign that is most widely referred to in horoscope readings due to the fact that the Sun is considered our most powerful planet (in astrology the Sun is referred to as a planet) which has the most pervasive influence on your horoscope. Your sun sign is what it is most apparent on the surface; what others see in you. The position of the Sun in your birth chart relates to your individuality and your drive to fulfill your goals in life.

The moon moves through all twelve zodiac signs in one month with the moon staying in each sign for a little over 2 days. Your Moon sign is the sign that the Moon was moving through when you were born, often requiring your birth hour as well as date as the Moon moves much faster through the zodiacs than the Sun. Your Moon sign is related to your emotions and intuition, representing the side of you that reacts before you have time to think. This is your inner most being, the part of you that houses your deepest most sensual, sometimes darkest, qualities. This is often the side of us that takes us the longest to understand, follow and reveal to others. Your Moon sign modifies and adds to the qualities of your Sun sign, a blending of the different characteristics each sign represents, creating a partnership between your Sun and your Moon sign.

In early astrology your Rising sign was believed to be more powerful than your Sun sign! Your Rising sign is the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon at your time of birth. The personality you outwardly project to others is considered (in modern astrology) to be the perfect blend of your Sun sign and Rising sign. Your Moon sign is sensed by others and ruled by your gut-feelings whereas your Sun sign and Rising sign are based on your personality; it is how the world perceives you. It is also known as the sign of the Self, helping to bring clarity to your self-awareness, your interests and your dreams in life and how you outwardly project them to be seen for who you are.

Click here for an online calculator to find out your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign.


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