Soulful Immersions

Authenticity and Joyful Self-Confidence in Living Your Dharma

Whether you’re interested in yoga, self-development, mindfulness or a really amazing soulful vacation our Immersions offer you an incredible opportunity to go DEEPER.

This isn’t about teaching yoga.

First and foremost its about teaching yourself. It’s an immersion into the study of the self, through the self, to the self. The easiest way is to dedicate time to this experience by immersing yourself away from daily distractions of home life for a 1 or 2 or 3 weeks.

You choose!

Alchemy of Yoga School is built into modules that are flexible and united in the ways that best serve you. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether all have an interplay that is designed by you.

Spiritual Immersion – Ask yourself if this is what you need:

-Do you want to learn more about yourself?
-Do you want to learn more about yoga asana or philosophy?
-Do you want a soulful luxury vacation with private pool?

If You or someone you know is seeking clarity on who they are, what their dharma is, how to clear away the obstacles to happiness then please share this with them. You know if you are ready for self-discovery, sun, and sacred FUN in Bali! Just because you want more authentic Dharma Studies doesn’t mean you have to do a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Instead The Answer is to…

IMMERSE Yourself Fully.

Fall in love with yourself unconditionally.
–>Then you are FREE.
–>Then your soulmate shows up.
–>Then you attract your best life!

Take a deep soul plunge with me in Bali through my 13 year old Alchemy of Yoga School.


Join us next in Bali at luxury, fine dining, all private pools Alam Puisi Villas Ubud. You’ll love it! If you’re not sure about YTT yoga alliance certified track then decide not to decide and try a week all your hours count towards 200 hour certification if you want them too.

MODULE 1 – 50 Hours (any week can be done stand alone)
April 15-22, 2017
Triple Lodging + Private Pool: $999
Double Lodging + Private Pool: $1299
Single Lodging + Private Pool: $1599

MODULE 1 AND 2 – 108 Hours
April 15-29, 2017
Triple Lodging + Private Pool: $1899
Double Lodging + Private Pool: $1999
Single Lodging + Private Pool: $2399

MODULE 1&2&3 = 200 Hours RYT Yoga Alliance Certification
April 15-May 6, 2017
Triple Lodging + Private Pool: Special Discount $3,099
Double Lodging + Private Pool: Special Discount $3,599
Single Lodging & Private Pool: Special Discount $4,099

15 Apr Saturday Welcome
16 Apr Sunday Foundation: Four Agreements/ Vision Boards
17 Apr Monday Shadow Work, Mandalas & Monkeys
18 Apr Tuesday Chakras as Yoga Psychology
19 Apr Wednesday Salutations & Kecak Dance
20 Apr Thursday Standing Poses & Water Temple Purification
21 Apr Friday Hips, Twists, Arm Balances
22 Apr Saturday Forward Folds + Seated Poses

23- Apr Sunday Shoulder Openers & Backbends
24- Apr Monday Private meetings with Silvia
25- Apr Tuesday Core Cultivation + Inversions
26- Apr Wednesday Restorative Yoga, Neuroscience, Stress/Relaxation Response
27- Apr Thursday Yoga History, Yoga Sutras from Patanjali
28- Apr Friday Yoga Sutras: Unblocking Your Happiness
29- Apr Saturday Muscles & Bones

30-Apr Sunday Pranayama & Meditation
01-May Monday Ayurveda
02-May Tuesday Art of Sequencing
03-May Wednesday Essence of Great Teaching
04-May Thursday Psychologically Sound Teacher, Healthy Class
05-May Friday Living Your Yoga Sadhana
06-May Saturday Transition into the Infinite

How Does Alchemy of Yoga Work?

EARTH – Chakra 1 – Muladhara: To manifest our desires we must have strong roots within ourselves.

WATER – Chakra 2 – Svadhisthana: We tap into our limitless potential to create our dreams and desires.

FIRE – Chakra 3 – Manipura: We ignite the fire of our burning desires and dreams through action.‪

AIR – Chakra 4 – Anahata: Our inner wisdom becomes available to us when we open the heart and surrender to love, gently releasing what is no longer in alignment with our hearts.

ETHER – Chakra 5 – Vishudha: Communicating to the universe our wisdom learned from the heart with clarity and truth. To open the heart and surrender to love we must have a strong knowing of our truth.

Chakra 6 – Ajna: We open the third eye in order to sink back as the observer of our being. As we observe with gentle awareness, all negative thoughts and egoistic tendencies dissolve and we return back to stillness, happiness, and love. We surrender to the guidance of our inner wisdom and know that all the answers we seek lie within us.

Chakra 7 – Sahasrara: The flow of grace exists all around and flows through us from an open crown chakra. We become the embodiment of the Divine, a unique expression of consciousness, dwelling in our natural alchemy of love and peace.