Moon Cycles

Full Moon AofY

New Moon

The new moon is when the sun and the moon are in the same zodiac sign. This is a fresh start to the moon cycle and also a clean slate for you. In the quiet darkness of the moon, you are encouraged to go inward. What is your heart whispering to you? What are your deepest desires? This phase is a beautiful time to go inward, set new intentions, start new projects and begin to cultivate new positive habits. Set yourself some short-term projects or intentions so you can ride them through the lunar phases, bringing them to a finish during the end cycle, the waning phase.

Waxing Moon (phase of the First Quarter)

This is the two week phase after the New Moon. As the moon is becoming fuller, projects and intentions set during the New Moon are gaining momentum. This phase will help you build momentum from the energy you put into your dreams and desires. Use this time to research, add and readjust to take things a step further. Remember these energies can always be channeled to work for you but it requires you to put your thoughts and intentions into action in to reap the benefits.

Full Moon

The moon is illuminated in its full beauty when the sun sits directly opposite the moon, meaning the sun and moon are also in polar zodiac signs. An incredibly powerful and intensive time! The moon controls the eb and flow of the Earth’s tides, which increases during full moon, and us humans, being 60-90% water, also feel this energetic change. This is often a time of increased emotions, more intense feelings and erratic thoughts. However you can learn to flow gracefully through this period and channel these heightened energies to work for you through sacred ritual, meditation and yoga.  This is a powerful time for you to release old negative habits and limiting beliefs, allowing the full glow of the moon to illuminate and bring awareness to all that is no longer serving you. It is important to note which zodiac sign the full moon is moving into as this will further help you become aware of why you feel the way you do and how to work through it.

Waning Moon (phase of the Third Quarter)

This period is typically 14 days after the Full Moon and energetically continues to support you in letting go of what no longer serves you. Diligently work on your projects, consolidate and remove distractions. Become aware of obstacles or negative influences in your life holding you back from your truth, desires or dreams. This could be in the form of addictions, relationships, fears, stress, limiting beliefs, negative influences or situations. Take the actions to consciously release what no longer serves you. At the end of this phase, just before the New Moon, reflect and integrate your experiences, finish off projects or note your achievements (be proud of yourself!) before you start thinking about the next cycle.

Why flow with the moon?

When we begin to flow with the cycles of the Moon and planetary shifts, we realise the moon enhances certain traits and energies in us and all life on Earth. We can use these powerful energies to further our connection to Self and our Universe. A constant cycle of birth, death and re-birth, living by the moon encourages us to keep moving forward and flow with the constant movement of life, encouraging growth, a shedding of the old and planting the seeds of new beginnings in alignment with the moon and planetary energies. We come to a deep understanding of why we feel, say and do certain things and an awareness that will help us use these energies and cycles for deeper alignment with our true Self and highest good.

Moon Mantra

Om Som Somaya Namaha

Understanding Your Moon

Know and understand your WOMEN’S CODE so you can honor your menstrual cycle as something sacred. It connects us as women to appreciate our Moon Cycles. Women are connected to the moon by our blood, our hormones and our souls.

The moon:
-regulates your menstrual cycle,
-can trigger ovulation and fertile times,
-affects your emotions and
-affects the way people behave and view the world.

The Moon is a primary female archetype representing Beginning, Middle and End, or Birth, Maturation, Death, Rebirth. When menstruating, your body is naturally cleansing itself, releasing out old energy, emotions and physical debris of the last month and moon cycle. Honor this amazing process and turn the energy dial down during this time. When you begin to chart your menses in relationship to the moon, you begin a journey into yourself. You become aware that your body, like the earth, is connected to a timeless universal pattern that has been marveled at since the very beginning.

Should my cycle be synced to the moon?

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