Meet the Graduates

Costa Rica, 2015


Toni Mozzarello-Schimmenti

Spiritual, Fun, Hardworking


Rachel Slippers

Compassionate, Optimistic, Humerous


Laura Jones

Spontaneous, Creative, Thoughtful


Taylor Harvey

Outgoing, Athletic, Adventurous


Katie Paulson

Adventurous, Silly, Stubborn


Bethany Ann

Driven, Enthusiastic, Conscientious


Melissa Haug

Spirited, Honest, Thoughtful


Samara Holliday

Loving, Playful, Intuitive


Abdullah Ani

Driven, Introspective, Authentic


Sarah Yo

Creative, Robust, Visceral


Emily Jovanovich

Creative, Sensitive, Perfectionist


Benjamin Mati

Adaptive, Efficient, Synthesize


Julianne Bernstein

Ambitious, Charismatic, Indecisive


Abby St. Croix

Shy, Silly, Spiritual


Maria Palamaris

Compassionate, Practical, Spiritual


Rianne ten Haken

Curious, Temperamental, Intuitive


Michelle Marie de Matheu

Positive, Gratitude, Love


Kerri McGoff

Charismatic, Laid-back, Fun-Loving


Sarah Poirer

Loyal, Caring, Fun

Seattle, hauteyoga Queen Anne 2014-2015

Allison Conroy

Ironic, Spirited, Humorous

Angel Johnson

Loving, Awake, Spiritual –
A teacher to whom you can never play the victim again because she doesn’t. Her life is her teaching.

Briana Soule

Sensitive, Glorious, Emotional –
A teacher who lives through feeling and inspires you to feel everything no matter whether its easy or hard.

Emily Lewis

Feminine, Seer, Lover –
A teacher who can see you as you are without judgement and you want her to.

Erin Christie

Honest, Open-hearted, Giver –
A teacher who holds space for you and lives drama free.

Jennifer Bunder

Generous, Connector, Giver –
A life-long care taker. Nurse, Yogini, friend to all, both furry animal people and humans.

Kelsie Job

Laura Matthews

Mackenzie Banta

Organized, Leader, Revolutionary

Courtney Palmer

Deep, Intriguing, Real.

Manisha Dudley

Self-aware, Analytical, Gutsy –
A teacher who can marry the technical with the philosophical with ease.

Patty Belsnick

Bold, Energetic, Risk taker –
A teacher who seeks freedom in her life so you might know you can do the same in yours.


Sarah Erter

Intuitive, Sensitive, Introspective –
A gifted teacher who sees what’s possible for her students.

Seattle, shefayoga Roosevelt 2014-2015

Cara Comfort

Easy-going, Eclectic, Resilient

Carlee McIntosh

Empathetic, Intuitive, Comical

Danielle Kurtz

Calm, Kind, Flow

David Sullivan

Soulful, Laughter, Expression

Elizabeth Erickson

Ready, Laughter, Careful

Jacqueline Hyde

Loyal, Humorous, Learner

Sally Frankenberg

Compassionate, Thoughtful, Interested

Shauna Scriver

Inquisitive, Dynamic, Sensitive

Costa Rica, 2014

Alex Frank

Loyal, Interested, Goofy

Cathy Solino

Creative, Enthusiastic, Adventurous

Claire Badgley

Loving, Strong, Conscientious

Danielle Dubail

Creative, Determined, Outdoorsy –
Danielle’s sweet sense of humor and absolute care for others radiates in all directions. Her feminine and nurturing energy empowers students to feel at ease, strong and connected to their bodies.

Jess Mason

Warm-hearted, Shy, Determined

Jodi Fleischman

Playful, Sentimental, Creative

Janie Hanson

Thoughtful, Weird, Empathetic

Jessica Honan

Creative, Curious, Passionate

Kate Storey

Kind, Honest, Strong –
Kate has an altruistic approach to teaching that always puts her students first. She is committed to authentic teaching as a lifelong student of the practice.

Kim Crossman

Positive, Empathetic, Loving

Felicity Goodwin

Energetic, Fun, Optimistic

Natalie Itzhakov

Laid back, Optimistic, Carefree

Paola Urretavizcaya

Passionate, Artistic, Compassionate

Malory Graham

Curious, Passionate, Thoughtful

Mary “T” Schmitz

Loyal, Fun, Trustworthy

McCrae Harrison

Goofy, Harmonious, Receptive

Kate Robinson

Compassionate, Adventurous, Fun

Jennifer Goupil

Spontaneous, Creative, Compassionate.

Monica Sletten

Caring, Responsible, Determined

Nancy Honan

Dedicated, Devoted, Dependable

Olivia Stanzer

Passionate, Loving, Free-spirited –
A worldly, kind-hearted leader with a delicate, yet commanding voice in teaching as a result of deep self-study.

Valarie Hobday

Loyal, Caring, Fun

Seattle, hauteyoga Queen Anne 2013-2014

Laura Hobson

Megan Kountz

Amanda Mezistrano

Tammy Liddle

Julie Petit

Madeline Galbreath

Jessica Fleming

Hannah Hollingsworth

Megan Herndon

Sara Papanikolaou

Melissa Hope

Dawn Hood

Costa Rica, 2013

Jennifer Erin Rorex

Tisha Tate

Ashtyn Thomas

Zofia Cartlidge

Amy Helgeson

Mary Kathryn Roberts

Ashley Van Mazyk

Crystal Noble

Giovanna Brillembourg

Skye Jones

Karine Tibau

Raj Kotecha

Gia (Garland) Ramey-Gay

Janeene Touchton

Seattle, hauteyoga Queen Anne 2013

Heather Malloy

Pam Rollings

Kristen Shaw

Jenny Smith

Koby Boley

Mary Davis

Kristal Capri

Kim Siegrist

Maxwell Gordinier

Madeline Young

Shelly Havill

Erika Jones-Zingler

Seattle, hauteyoga Queen Anne 2012-2013

Abe Bredstrand

Michelle Chambers

Laura Hand

Angie Pricco

Ferrah Roberts

Christina Russo

Kendra Sand

AnneMarie Tenore

Emily Niles

Barbara Rose-Leigh

Seattle, hauteyoga Queen Anne 2012

Casey Hubbell

Ashley Bass

Anie Buckmelter

Gabrielle Abbott

Kayla Roark

LeAnne Vargo

Megan Pederson

Amy Fields

Jonna Hood

Seattle, hauteyoga Queen Anne 2011-2012

Adele Cooper

Amity Neumeister

Brittany Trimberger

Catherine Schembre

Dana Fior

Katy Mason

Kadi Kuhlenberg

Shasta Brewer

Nancy Lea

Jackie Elliott

Raelyn Raver

Shultzie MacDonald

Sue Berger

Seattle, hauteyoga Queen Anne 2011

Alexa Rosethal

Alysha Greig

Alysha Greig

Angie Wilkins

Erin McDougall

Hannah Logan Peterson

J Mauss

Jacob Young

Jessika Goldstein

Jodi Cohen

Leah Zaccaria

Lexi Winkles

Nichole Ohlinger

Oakley Hager Day

Raul Martinez

Recent Posts

Creating Your Mission Statement



The word for Intention in Sanskrit is Sankalpa.  Ask yourself, “What happiness are you manifesting? Are you living a life you love?”

And in order to realize our greatest potential, to manifest our biggest dreams we have to take charge of our I AM statements answering this question:  Who Am I? This is the foundation of successful intention setting.


 “Our intention creates our reality.”Wayne Dyer

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Intention is the core of all conscious life.
 Conscious intention colors and moves everything.” – Master Hsing Yun

When you break down the process of what true intention really is, you will find a process that unfolds before you. By applying this process, you create your intention. Here is how you map out your intentions.

Ask yourself: What do you want to become or achieve? What would having it feel like to me?

  1. Have purpose (Vision Statement/Dharma): Your reason behind your intention is purpose. Having a purpose infers a more determined path.
  • What would you do with your life if no one could criticize or praise you?
  • How would you spend your time if no one else cared or was watching?
  • Would your life be very different? How? What does this tell you about how much power you give to other people and other people’s opinions?
  1. Design your intent: This means a specific, measurable (quantitative and qualitative), plan of action. What, when, why, where, how.
  2. Improve your aim (GPS): By improving your aim, you add to your target effort directed toward attaining your intention. Remember it’s hard to make a bull’s eye if you don’t know where you’re aiming.
  3. Include smaller items that will take little effort: manifesting smaller things actually creates a steady flow of energy and teaches us to appreciate the smaller goals as well.
  4. Reach your goal: The goal is the result of your intention, put into action and attaining it by thought out effort and consistent focus.


  • Believe in the possibility that we can ALL be Spiritual Millionaires!
  • Create your list of 3 to 10 intentions (each month on the day of the New Moon)
  • Write them out using the words “I intend…” (Intention is not the same as wishing which is self-defeating and implies you can’t do it.)
  • Make copies and post where you can see them. Take a photo of it and make it your screen saver.
  • Review your list every day. (EG easy if it’s on your smart phone)
  • As your intentions come true, rewrite your list without that one on it. Add new intentions as you see fit.
  • Delete or replace intentions that are no longer relevant.
  • Share your intentions with positive friends or loved ones.
  • Repeat this affirmation “I will receive the things that I have intended.”


Don’t live life by accident

How we Limit Ourselves:

  • Hide behind goals that are too big
  • Or lose inspiration because goals are too limited, and small
  • Tire out when goals are too showy (are they for you or others)
  • Don’t wake up and see what your life is and to the degree you are influencing it


  • Allow failure
  • Surround yourself with like minded people
  • Cultivate collaboration and community

Your Intention Should Include:

  • Write it down and make sure its stated using active language
  • Needs to be specific.
  • Needs to be worded in the present tense.
  • Use your own words, keep it real.
  • Must be measurable, both quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Must be memorizable
  • Needs to be achievable in the next 6-12 months.
  • Focus on the result you are seeking or the attitude, you intend to achieve or both.
  • In your heart, you must believe you can achieve your intention.
  • Must be stated in words you actually say.


  1. I take away people’s pain, shortcut it, prevent it where possible, and help them make that quantum leap to happiness.
  2. I enjoy my life more because I make time for my partner, family/friends, fun and adventure!
  3. I have a spiritual partner who shares my ideals and deep love for life. I am in love and happy. My relationship is a source of bliss.
  4. I practice meditation daily and it enriches every aspect of my life.
  5. I feel free. I am thriving!
  6. I am present. (implying no longer distracted)
  7. I believe in the power of Yoga to heal and transform. I create an environment where each persons strengths and passions are nurtured, guided and celebrated where practice in a safe, effective way with optimal alignment, self-compassion and enthusiasm with respect for yoga’s traditions and philosophies.  


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