Integration: Air, Fire, Water, Earth

Name Time Album Artist

1 Mohana Kalyani (Meditation On th… 7:06 Most Relaxing Classical Indian Mu… Splendor of Meditation

2 Secret Insights 1:19 Daniel Otsuka

3 Into Dust 5:38 So Tonight That I Might See Mazzy Star

4 Through My Eyes (Live Acoustic) 5:22 Farina Dumpling Dan Darrah

5 Dorset Perception 8:13 Tales of the Inexpressible Shpongle

6 Wut 2:47 Hey – EP Le1f

7 Praise 8:46 Jaya Shantala

8 Gobinday Mukunday 9:55 Yoga Living Series – Temple Spa Spirit Voyage Artists

9 A Prayer for the Soul of Layla 3:20 Jamshied Sharifi & Hassan Hakmo…

10 Closing Meditation 6:00 Live In Love, Vol. 2 Shantala

11 Earth 10:44 Jala: Compiled by Shiva Rea Uwe Neumann


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