Get your Ph.D. in Self Discovery!

Svadhyaya, which directly translates to #selfstudy, is the heart of our RYT200 Teacher Training program. We need time in self-reflection in order to manifest transformation and evolve into our highest self. Join us in 2018 for a heroine’s journey to the self through the self! If you submit your deposit before December 31st, you will be awarded a hefty discount (listed below)!
Emily and Silvia are delighted to serve as your #Mentors, here is what past trainees have said about our program:
I cannot say enough good things about the Alchemy of Yoga 200 Hr Teacher Training!  I came to the program with very tangible, concrete goals – to finally get my crow pose, to learn how to breathe during yoga and to become more flexible.  Oh, and of course, to receive my 200 RYT certification.  I left with so much more!  I left with a better sense of self and an understanding that how I see myself is how the world sees me, so it’s important that I constantly work to love myself and seek and build self-confidence.  I learned that I have everything I need to be successful in life, whether that means as a teacher, as a student, as a business owner, friend, partner, etc.
Silvia is incredibly knowledgeable and beyond generous with that knowledge.  She teaches with love and understanding.  She guides her students to explore who they are, to work through the shadows and to find the light within.  I was astounded at her ability to teach a 200 hr training all by herself – that’s 200 hours of content, instruction, guidance and mentoring.  It’s almost as if she’s super human.  The Alchemy of Yoga team is so loving and supportive and will do anything to help their students achieve their goals and beyond.  They share so much content and inspiration along the way.  They are a crucial element to the strength of this program.
I came to the program with tangible goals but I left with a whole new perspective and appreciation for yoga and for myself.  Thank you, Alchemy of Yoga!!
It’s as though the Alchemy of Yoga Kula takes you on the wild, magical ride that allows you to be one with your body, mind and soul. The training allows you to dive deep into your being and express your best self. It allows you to take the time you need to manifest your ideal world, and with the tools and experience of the Alchemy Team, they encourage you to take that leap into the unknown. Through all of the ceremonies, chanting, yoga, and learning, this experience was simply amazing. It allowed me to take the time I needed to take that next step and really do what I was meant to in this life. If someone was interested in taking anything Alchemy of Yoga related, I would say stop everything you’re doing, book it and get ready for the most authentic, peaceful ride of your life
“This is why it can be so helpful (not to mention expedient) to secure the help of a mentor, teacher to support your self-study. If you’ve ever said that someone “just doesn’t see himself” and watched him/her enact the same self-destructive behaviors again and again. A skillful mentor, and that can be anyone from a teacher to a therapist to a bona fide guru, can find loving ways to help you see yourself as you really are.”
Calling Alchemy of Yoga a yoga teacher training program does not do it justice. My three weeks in Costa Rica with Silvia and the Alchemy tribe and then the time after working on my practicum gave me a loving space and guidance to delve deep to truly find myself and my purpose. As a result of the in-depth study, I am more confident, more connected and more able to flow peacefully with the waves of life. I also developed some of the deepest and most profound friendships with members of my beautiful Kula, lifelong sisters and brother that support and love with so much heart. To say that Alchemy of Yoga is just a teacher training program does not even skim the surface of it. Yes, I came out of the program a yoga teacher, and yes I can teach yoga now, but more than that I can truly say that I live my yoga each day now (and have one seriously magical tribe that supports me in that path). Thank you Silvia for truly teaching me yoga!


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