Full Moon Ritual Guide

To make space for what comes next the FullMoon is the perfect time to work on letting go. Two key areas the practice points out for Full Moon Rituals are:⁣

(1) offering forgiveness as a form of self-compassion and (2) letting go of wanting to rewrite the past.⁣

By forgiving you are making the decision to be happy. Forgiveness helps the ego stop over-exaggerating the pain or tiredness of the past. As Robert Holden says, “Happiness is letting go. Forgiveness is letting go. When you choose one you choose the other.”⁣

I made you a How to Guide — all about doing your own Full Moon ritual tonight to help you let go and release what doesn’t serve you.⁣

https://www.silviamordini.com/how-to-guide-full-moon-ritual/ ⁣


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