I don’t want to teach yoga, but I am deeply interested in studying it. Can I still attend the course?

We offer two options for self-study:

  • Option 1 includes immersion for serious students looking to deepen their practice and knowledge of yoga asana, meditation, philosophy, and spirit who do not wish to teach yoga.
  • Option 2 includes above aspects of self-study culminating in formal certification though Yoga Alliance with 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) status.

Many students take a teacher training to deepen their own experience of yoga and step more fully into the happiness that is their birthright. We encourage you to use this program as a way to get a master’s degree in yourself. Please reach out to us to talk more about your specific desires.

What’s the difference in the programming of your local trainings versus your international trainings?

Great question. How you do a program is based on your learning style and your intentions. This is equally as important in deciding which program to study with.

If you are seeking faster personal growth then choose a destination training program that eliminates your daily distractions. Immerse yourself fully into the seat of the student and being in a tribe.

If your lifestyle demands you learn while living in residence in your own home then find a program that has a schedule where you can more easily maintain work/home/life balance.

There is no bad choice. It is simply a matter what is the best choice for YOU, right now.

Is this program approved by Yoga Alliance?

Yes, our 200-hour programs are registered with Yoga Alliance. We have been registered for 10 years and have graduated over 20 classes!

What are the qualifications of Alchemy of Yoga teacher trainers?

All Alchemy of Yoga lead trainers have devoted themselves to the study and practice of yoga. The qualifications required of our teacher trainers include an open heart, curious mind, and gentle spirit. All lead trainers are experienced-registered yoga teachers (E-RYT) meaning they have taught 1000+ hours. Our founder, Silvia Mordini has taught 10,000+ hours in classes, workshops and teacher trainings.

What “type” of yoga will this course certify me to teach?

The Alchemy of Yoga program will certify you to teach Hatha yoga with a focus on intelligent sequencing and vinyasa flow – connecting movement with breath in an purposeful way. More importantly however, the program offers a look at many different styles so that you may explore what aligns with your teaching intention the most.  Ultimately, Alchemy of Yoga will certify you to teach YOUR yoga with heart!

What is the difference between your program and all the other styles of yoga schools out there i.e. Baron Baptiste, Ana Forrest etc, Jivamukti yoga, “______fill in blank school of Power Yoga”?

The Alchemy of Yoga training program is designed as a journey of self-discovery.  Through the study of the yoga sutras and a number of different training modalities, the goal is that you be inspired by the freedom to explore.  The content offered in our training is drawn from a number of different styles so that students begin to appreciate that there isn’t a “one size fits all” technique or approach to the practice.  Our teachers are in trainings themselves every year so that the program evolves with the global yoga community and at the same time, we rely heavily on the timeless yogic traditions and texts.

I am worried about leaving behind my corporate role and years of study to teach yoga. How do I know teaching yoga is right for me?

We totally understand! It is such a huge decision to leave the safety net of your current job and jump into the unknown world of yoga teaching. Alchemy’s Laura Hand faced the same dilemma when she decided to transition from her corporate role, leaving her years of study and ladder climbing behind to teach yoga. Here is her response when interviewed by The Other Side of Service

It is also important to know you do not HAVE to teach after completing our program. Through our program we guide you through self-study and uncovering your passion, soul’s purpose and truth. We encourage you to let go of fear and listen to your voice of truth and if that is saying “YOGA!” then it is most definitely the way for you! Your success is fueled by your passion.

Is this program the right fit for me?

Well if reading about our philosophy and mission resonates with you then yes, it does. Simply ask yourself:

  • Do you want to live your happiest life?
  • Do you want to inspire others to live happier?

If you answered a resounding YES! to these questions, apply today and let’s talk more.

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