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Costa Rica

Happiest Place on Earth

Come live Pura Vida with us. During our 22-days dedicated to the alchemy of yoga we will explore the transformative power of allowing ourselves to be “seen.” Our Chief Love Alchemist Silvia Mordini will hold space for your personal evolution, healing and joy.

So, consider this training as a YES to one of the ultimate adventures of your life! You will leave feeling fully activated to love yourself, love your day, love your life!

Where is Nosara, Costa Rica?

Bali is an island and the smallest province of Indonesia, and includes a few smaller neighboring islands. It is located between Java to the west and Lombok to the east, and its capital—Denpasar—is at the southern part of the island.

Getting to Costa Rica

Learn about helpful instructions to make your travels to Costa Rica more easeful

Getting to a Hotel

Transfer options between Liberia airport and Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

For all group shuttle services you will need to make advanced reservations. Shuttles from Liberia are easily arranged, one to four people costs $150, five people costs $200, six people is $240, and $40 each additional person. Additionally, car rental agencies are conveniently located near the Liberia airport. For reliable transportation services contact Bodhi Tree Resort reservations team

Yoga Studios

Feel the breeze caress your skin as you gaze out over the jungle and beyond to the ocean. With hardwood floors, 360 degree views, there is no better spot to take a deep exhale.

Akasha Shala

Akasha is defined as the life force from which all things flow, a powerful definition that inspires us to delve deeper into the source of our own life force and find the strength to grow. It also means “to radiate or shine bright with joy and hope”, reminding us of the happiness and sense of fulfillment we gain from our yoga practice and from taking care of all facets of our being. Akasha is the name given to one of the five elements in the Sanskrit language: space or ether, the element that holds all potential for creation, a place where anything is possible. It is a studio where we really take in all that surrounds us, we open the senses to feel the nourishment of the ocean, the jungle, the wildlife, the Space to feed our soul on Nature and its abundance. Once we realize our true connection, then we find the courage and Self-acceptance to grow and transform, moving beyond what we thought was possible to discover and fulfill our greatest potential.

This studio fits 45 – 50 people

Shakti Shala

Shakti refers to a goddess who represents the feminine energy of creation, also known as the divine mother. Shakti represents the feminine life energy that courses through everything in the Universe. The earth, the heavens and all living things are made up of this creative energy as it mixes and dances with Shiva, the male creative energy. Shakti creative energy makes it possible to live, think and act by powering your mind with emotions, memories and desires. Shakti is also considered the essential energy needed for physical health and vibrancy.

This studio is enclosed with surrounding windows, mirrors, a dance barre, AC, excellent for large groups up to 75 people

Kula Shala

Kula means “a community of the heart”, “a group coming together of its own free will, an intentional community” from Sanskrit. By coming together and moving, breathing, rolling around, flipping upside down, meditating, hanging off a wall, we are creating Community/Family/Connection, we are lighting each other up in and offering a part of our soul or spirit to the whole. Community yoga allows you to be in connection with your own personal practice, and that of those who show up around you, this is a supportive environment for your capacity to grow and transform mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We welcome practitioners from all across the globe of any experience, we are a here to share our wisdom, and create a serene environment for your practice.

This studio fits 21 people


Feast on the breathtaking jungle as you dine in our open air pavilion. Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort strives to use natural, fresh ingredients to promote a healthy lifestyle. By gathering ingredients harvested from nature, stimulating individual well-being at the ground level allows one’s health to blossom.

Your stay at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort includes three delicious consciously prepared meals a day. All meals are gourmet vegetarian, pescatarian, organic chicken and vegan. The daily lunch and dinner buffet includes a Pure Food Option, which offers greens, grains, and legumes without oils or seasonings. Food is purchased from local farmers and organic produce when available.

Yes you will have a choice of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free.

Where can I get my juice or smoothie fix?

Indulge yourself with the benefits of fresh juices, all natural smoothies, healthy snacks or simply enjoy terrific Costa Rican coffee in Bodhi Tree’s beautiful juice bar.

The Chakra Juices and smoothies are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Revitalize after a yoga class or a surf session with an energy boost. Juice bar is open daily from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Dining Experience

Secluded within the natural ambience of the jungle, Bodhi Tree Yoga resort strives to use natural, fresh ingredients to promote a healthy life style. By gathering ingredients harvested from nature, stimulating individual wellbeing on a ground level can allow ones health to blossom. We offer an array of hot and refreshing cold soups, an excellent buffet of veggies and salads, organic chicken, fish and vegan options. We also cater to any pallet as a personalized service to suit all your special dietary needs. Organic wine and artisanal beer are available for purchase with your dinner.

This is for You If

  • You’ve been settling for far too little adventure in your life
  • You’re ready to learn How to remove the obstacles to your Happiness
  • You’re tired of compromising your true desires for what others want you to do
  • You’re ready to stop making excuses and drop self-judgment
  • You want to get to the heart of your Truth: You want to know your True Self; attract True Love; start living your True Purpose
  • You are seeking adventure and are ready to reveal new layers of yourself
  • You are curious about healing ceremonies, blessing rituals, heart medicine and how it feels to be extra loved.
  • You are ready to take your personal meditation, yoga and spiritual practice to new depths
  • You want to make lifelong new high vibe friends
  • You want to #teachpeace as a Happiness Ambassador empowered to elevate the world!

What to Pack

List of recommended items to pack with you to Bali

What do I do if I can’t find the driver or a Bodhi Tree Resort shuttle?2019-08-22T13:44:57+08:00

If you can’t find a Bodhi Tree Resort driver or shuttle please call their reception phone. Our team at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort will be glad to assist you!

What do I do if my flight is delayed?2019-08-22T13:43:13+08:00

If you are still in the US/Canada or Europe and miss a connecting flight or received notice that your flight’s departure to Costa Rica has been delayed, please call Blue Spirit’s US phone number: +1.646.833.3410 and we will re-arrange your shuttle pick up time. If you are already in the air and your arrival time is much later than scheduled, depending on how many passengers are already waiting in the van from previous flights, it is very possible the driver will wait for your late arrival. If you arrive late and your shuttle has already departed, you can take the next shuttle.

Do I need any inoculations?2019-08-22T10:25:12+08:00

Generally speaking, traveling to foreign countries exposes you to new germs and diseases. All inoculations inquiries need to be directed to your physician for an accurate assessment of your individual need or preference.

Do I need a visa to visit Costa Rica?2019-08-22T10:23:35+08:00

Citizens of the US, Canada, and Panama require a passport whose expiration date is at least 6 months after your travel date and a return ticket. Identification such as a driver’s license or birth certificate are no longer valid for travel in Costa Rica. A valid passport allows Canadian, American, as well as most Latin American and European citizens to stay for up to 90 days.

Citizens of other countries may require a visa to enter Costa Rica. Before you go to Costa Rica, please make a copy of your passport. You can leave your original passport in the safety box in your room at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort.

Do I need to pay an exit tax?2019-08-22T10:23:06+08:00

Yes, the Departure Tax for Costa Rica is TBA. Keep that ready for when you leave.

How much spending money should I bring?2019-08-22T10:22:43+08:00

Your main expenses are covered with your investment. However, if you want to buy spa treatments or gifts or a surf lesson bring extra money.

Where can I change my money?2019-08-22T10:22:15+08:00

The best rate of exchange will be in town (NOT at the airport) and we can help you once you arrive.

Can I use my credit card in Costa Rica?2019-08-22T10:21:49+08:00

While many retailers do accept US credit cards, it is advisable to bring cash to change over into local currency.

How do I book an optional excursion?2019-08-22T10:21:14+08:00

All excursions can be booked at any time during your stay through Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort front desk. If there is something that you know you absolutely MUST experience while in Costa Rica, it’s best to book early in the week to avoid disappointment.

Will I need to ‘dress’ for dinner?2019-08-22T10:20:52+08:00

The dress code is completely up to you. It is warm well into the evenings so dress for your comfort. There is no ‘dress code’ in this relaxed atmosphere. Normally you’ll find Silvia wearing a dress.

How to say I am sorry in Spanish2019-08-22T10:19:31+08:00

“Lo siento” (I am sorry)


Handshaking is customary for greetings (again, use only the right hand). A common method when greeting in passing is to press your palm to your friend’s palm in front of your chests, fingers point upwards.

Can I drink the water?2019-08-22T10:18:42+08:00

No, do NOT drink from the tap.

Is Costa Rica Safe?2019-08-22T10:18:15+08:00

Yes, Costa Rica boosts a very low crime rate.

Is there internet access at the hotel?2019-08-22T10:17:51+08:00

Yes, there is wi-fi on the property.

Should I pay for international cell phone service?2019-08-22T10:17:28+08:00

No. This can be very expensive, and most who travel to Bali use another much cheaper option: When you arrive in Bali, you may procure a Balinese Nokia Cell Phone, charger & sim card for around $30 US. All of the cab drivers in Bali text and will come pick you up at your behest. Having a phone is a nice way to have the Alchemy staff at your fingertips while you are enjoying free time in town.

If you’d like a little more freedom during your trip to wander on your own, this is an excellent option to consider. Your shuttle driver can help you to find & buy a phone upon arrival if you ask.


Transformation Begins Now

I am ready to alchemize my life and create positive change!