Prioritize FUN Today

Don’t forget to laugh and have some fun today. ⁣⁣ Can’t wait for Fun Leader #SilviaMordini to make you laugh every zoom session of Yoga Teacher Training. You’ll love her and all your beautiful tribe mates!?⁣ How’s that sound? ?⁣⁣ Join our Upcoming ONLINE Yoga Teacher Trainings⁣June 1 – July 1, 2020⁣⁣✅Become a Registered Yoga Teacher with […]

Here’s What You’ll Learn at Online Yoga Teacher Training

What kind of yoga do you bring to your mat as a student?⠀⁣?⁣ As a new Yoga Teacher what kind of yoga do you want to bring to the world?⁣☮ In our AlchemyofYoga teacher training, we prepare YOU to teach intelligent vinyasa, mindfully sequenced with an emphasis on breath, meditation, poses and a philosophical theme. ⁣?⁣ The theme serves […]

How to Plan for June? Become a Certified Yoga Teacher!

You can now get certified as a yoga teacher with our online course! ⁣Cheaper and easier but just as powerful! ⁣ Take control of your future NOW and learn how to be successful teaching yoga both online and in person. This will change your life, so you can change the world. ?⁣ Pay in FULL […]

Holding Space as a Teacher

In the seat of the Teacher we are required to know how to “Hold Space” for our students.⁣ We must learn to stay in “Presence.”⁣⁣During training you will receive all the tools to do so gracefully. Part of the art of space holding is creating a container for others to feel, explore and express without […]

What New RULING by Yoga Alliance Means For YOU

Header-Online-YTT Silvia

BIG Announcement from Yoga Alliance Today! But first the most commonly asked questions about my ONLINE Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training. 1. How long is the program?8 weeks May 4 to June 29 2. How long do I have to complete the requirements for CERTIFICATION?1 year. 3. After I am certified how long do I […]

What to Expect from Online Yoga Teacher Training

Are you wondering what to expect from our #onlineyogateachertraining? Your 200 hours of Alchemy of Yoga online YTT consists of: ⁣ ✅ Study hours, including reading your YTT Manual & required textbooks⁣✅ Our live zoom classrooms (or replays)⁣✅ Teaching videos in Alchemy of Yoga learning platform on Teachable⁣✅ Online live yoga practice sessions⁣✅ Private Facebook group […]

Imagine THIS as a Certified Yoga Teacher

IMAGINE June 30th, 2020: ⁣You step out of bed, take some peaceful deep breaths, and roll out your yoga mat, already energized to begin your morning yoga practice⁣ ?The only difference between this and any other day?.You’re doing this as a CERTIFIED Yoga Teacher after completing the Alchemy of Yoga Online Teacher Training Program! ?⁣ […]

Are You Pushing Positive Energy Away?

On and off the mat we can be aware of what we are thinking:⁣1. Where are your thoughts PUSH energy? Push thoughts are things like “I don’t want to hold this pose, I don’t want to try this new or difficult variation” ⁣ 2. Where are your thoughts PULL energy? Pull thoughts might be things […]

Change Your Life with Online Yoga Teacher Training

Are you ready to have your life changed by our program? What can you expect? ✨⁣⁣ We’ve inspired people to: ⁣⁣-Leave a life they hate to create the life they want to live.⁣⁣-Create new businesses.⁣⁣-Lose addiction.Heal trauma.⁣⁣-Find their authentic voice.Divorce unhealthy relationships.⁣⁣-Quit jobs in toxic environments.⁣⁣-Gain courage to live in a different country.⁣⁣-Discover their true […]

The Power of Intention – Set Yours for Online Yoga Teacher Training

We are passionate about setting intentions: these are simple tools that have the power to remind us of our own strength and passion, and to focus us on actually making the change we want to see in our lives.✨⁣ Our mind needs nothing else but consistent repetition and focusing on the #intention we want to achieve – […]