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Feed Your Passion and Find Your Purpose

By Silvia Mordini Are you doing things because you love to do them, or because you feel like you have to do them? What percentage of the time would you say? If you are spending more of your time doing stuff because you feel like you have to instead of wanting to, then this is a simple formula for misery. “The purpose of life is a life with purpose.” -The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari. It’s easy to get caught up living life the way other people want you to, thereby losing your purpose for living. When that happens, we also lose our passion. Fundamentally, we are wired to have passion for our purpose. It’s no surprise that what fires us up is aligned with that which fulfills us. JOURNALING:…

5 Things (that are not things) To Bring On A Yoga Retreat

As you prepare for your upcoming Yoga Retreat, put down your packing list for a moment. What’s equally as important as having the right gear and clothing for your trip are these five things, that aren’t quite “things.” 1. Willingness to let go of control. If you’re an independent, Type A personality, this could be a tough one for you. Being in a new place with unfamiliar food, a different schedule, and new people to meet can be uncomfortable at first. Your retreat guides know where your next meal is coming from and where you’ll sleep that night, so you don’t have to. 2. A sense of humor. Being able to laugh at yourself and accept that your yoga practice and your life aren’t always going to be graceful and…

10 Signs You Need a Yoga Retreat

By Silvia Mordini A full ninety percent of all doctor visits are related to stress. Since yoga itself is meant to be therapeutic, we need it now more than ever. It works on our behalf to benefit us physically, emotionally and mentally. Fundamentally, healing (on any level) can only take place when we are relaxed. When your life is on autopilot, it’s easy to exhaust yourself by running yourself ragged. The lack of change, doing the same things over and over again simply grind down your spirit. If you find yourself growing more impatient and constantly over-reacting rather than patiently responding, then you are an ideal candidate for a mental vacation. There is no better place to take a break than by going on a Yoga Retreat. Take a moment…

Sneak Peak at Ubud, Bali with Alchemy of Yoga

[wpvideo wE66HIsf ] When you get off the plane in Bali you instantly feel the higher vibrations. The people, architecture, shops, and restaurants all ooze a heightened awareness. Do you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city? Or some excitement from the day to day routine? Join Alchemy of Yoga in #bali🌴 for a soulful retreat in 2018 that will bring you into the Now with a beautiful tribe of conscious humans. Find more information about upcoming training on our website ❤️

Congratulation Alchemy of Yoga Graduates!

I’m so proud of everybody in our #Bali Kula! ✨😘 Walk with me for a moment down this rice field. When we arrived it was an inch tall. Now in 22 days look at its #transformation! That’s the same quantum leap our @alchemyofyoga trainees have made as well. And then some! Everyone arrived ready to step in fully. And they did. These light workers are Happiness Ambassadors ready to live their authentic dharma now more than ever. Meet them as you’ll find them all over the world. We are the #UnitedNations Of Yoga Schools. Are you ready to walk down this path too? Our mission is to #teachpeace

Create your YES list today!

It’s time to say YES to your happiest life! Here are a few prompts on how to shift your mindset from what you “can’t” do to what you CAN do in your pursuit of your goals:   What do you Say YES to in your Life Right now?   What LIGHTS you UP? Name the key things that give you strength and inspiration.   Ask yourself if the things on this list support you in waking up each day with enthusiasm and passion to live your best life?   Post copies of your “YES List” where you can see, and reference them every day. Use this as a ritual to affirm and help manifest what you want more of in your life   “Imagine you have permission to be happy…

Spiritual Immersions of Self-Discovery, Sun, & Soul

Spiritual Immersions – Ask yourself if this is your Motivation:   -Do you want to learn more about yourself? -Do you want to learn more about yoga asana and/or philosophy? -Do you want a soulful luxury vacation with private pool?   The answer isn’t Yoga Teacher Training necessarily. Just because you want more authentic Dharma Studies doesn’t mean you have to do a full 200 hour yoga teacher training.   Instead, immerse yourself: Fall in love with yourself as you are. Be free. Attract your best life!   Take a deep soul plunge with me in Bali through my 13 year old Alchemy of Yoga School. I’m here in Bali already waiting for you 🙂   MODULE 1 – 50 Hours (any week can be done stand alone) April 15-22, 2017 Triple…

Why is Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training So Unique?

Alchemy of Yoga teacher training program’s are uniquely designed to guide students to tap into their natural rhythm and connect themselves and their practice to the elements around us and within us through the chakra system. Through this understanding of the chakras we learn to heal ourselves and align with our highest potential, tapping into our natural alchemy of peace, happiness and love once again with our own unique expression. Overview of Alchemy of Yoga Earth: Foundation – Rooting into Self and Manifestation (Chakra 1, East) Water: Emotional Alchemy – Tapping into Your Potential and Living in Possibility (chakra 2, west) Fire: Physical Alchemy (tapas) – Discovering Your Optimal Performance (Chakra 3, South) Air: Mental Alchemy (svadhaya) – Unlearning the Obstacles to Your Happiness Ether/Space: Spiritual Alchemy (Ishvara Pranidhana) –…

New Article on Yoganonymous.com

YOGA TEACHER SUSTAINABILITY 101: STAY INSPIRED & THRIVE BY: Silvia Mordini Inspiration is key to sustaining your passion, technique and enthusiasm for teaching yoga. We all have the same pulls upon us as spiritually ordinary yogis – things like family, friendships and students to name a few. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been teaching for two years or twenty years, the challenges of sustainability in teaching yoga as a profession remain the same. What are the greatest challenges to remaining inspired as a yoga teacher? Staying motivated and dedicated to the art of teaching Being patient with your own development as a teacher and a student Having clarity around the level of ability, knowledge and reach you want to achieve Creating a realistic plan for achieving your teaching goals Staying relevant while balancing…

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