The Power of Intention – Set Yours for Online Yoga Teacher Training

We are passionate about setting intentions: these are simple tools that have the power to remind us of our own strength and passion, and to focus us on actually making the change we want to see in our lives.✨⁣ Our mind needs nothing else but consistent repetition and focusing on the #intention we want to achieve – […]

Ready to Happy Dance? Online Yoga Teacher Training Begins Soon!

Are you doing a happy dance because of the EPIC news that alchemy of yoga 200 hour teacher training is online?!⁣ We are too! ?⁣ Dance your way over to sign up for our ONLINE Yoga Certification beginning May 4-June 29?⁣ By the way, did you know our founder Silvia Mordini @Inspiredyogagal is a #converse addict? And you can […]

Follow Your Dreams – Online Yoga Teacher Training


Life doesn’t begin when you have everything lined up to a T. It begins when YOU step into it and decide to follow your dreams. ✨⁣ If you dream of becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher but weren’t sure how you’d achieve it anytime soon, pull up your computer and roll out your yoga mat because […]

What Does Online Yoga Cover?


Your Online Yoga Certification covers 8 modules 8️⃣ in the 4 Updated Categories from Yoga Alliance: ⁣.⁣1. Technique, Training & Practice⁣.⁣2. Anatomy & Physiology⁣.⁣3. Yoga Humanities⁣.⁣4. Professional Essentials⁣.⁣.⁣Today we will focus on the first one and what to expect from THE CURRICULUM OF ALCHEMY OF YOGA 200 HOUR PROGRAM: ⁣.⁣.⁣✅ #1 Technique, Training & Practice⁣.⁣75 hours Required⁣Asana, […]

Yoga Sutra Jam April 20-30, 2020

11 Days. 11 Minutes per Day. 11AM EST. Yoga Sutra Jam!.Do you where Yoga comes from?The word yoga was first mentioned in the oldest sacred texts, the Rig Veda some say 5,000 years ago. The Vedas were a collection of texts containing songs, mantras and rituals to be used by Brahmans. Please Note: Yoga is […]

Online Yoga Teacher Training Perfect for Your Extra Time Right Now


Instead of scrolling through your newsfeed to kill time, instead of refreshing Twitter or Facebook for the 5th time, instead of flipping on the news *again* to feed the fear inside you, isn’t it time to feed your passion instead? ?Often, when we find ourselves bored, we are really suppressing something deep inside us that […]

Why Yoga Works for Better Sleep and Less Anxiety

Better sleep has been touted for years as one of the benefits of yoga. So today we learn about Yoga for Sleep and improved emotional well-being since there is a link between inability to sleep and anxiety. What is Anxiety? It is how we manage stress. What is Stress? The opposite of relaxation. One of […]

Take A Gratitude Walk

Today’s focus is Gratitude for our feet that walk about 7,500 steps a day! According to WikiAnswers: “The average moderately active person takes about 7,500 steps a day. Assuming every day the person walks, an eighty year old person who began walking at one year of age, would have taken 216,262,500 steps in their lifetime. […]

Journaling Prompts for Peace, Happiness and Focus

Having a clear vision of your day saves 40% of your time and makes you more productive. Instead of simply charging into your day going in a million directions take time to get clear on what you’ll do to look after yourself. I’ve put together a simple worksheet checklist for you to use. This begins […]