Create your YES list today!

bali goa gajah silvia arms up
It’s time to say YES to your happiest life! Here are a few prompts on how to shift your mindset from what you “can’t” do to what you CAN do in your pursuit of your goals:
What do you Say YES to in your Life Right now?
What LIGHTS you UP? Name the key things that give you strength and inspiration.
Ask yourself if the things on this list support you in waking up each day with enthusiasm and passion to live your best life?
Post copies of your “YES List” where you can see, and reference them every day. Use this as a ritual to affirm and help manifest what you want more of in your life
“Imagine you have permission to be happy and to really enjoy your life. Your life is free of conflict with yourself and with others.” – The Four Agreements
What is being described is the Alchemy of Happiness. You deserve this. No waiting. No conditions. You can start today. Change Your Happiness Set-Point Today!
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About Ferrah Chino

My name is Ferrah Chino Roberts, Chino originating from my Japanese Great-Grandmother means determination and purpose. My most recent nickname Ferrahchino started with me accepting who I am, the real start of my search for me. Being a mixed moonchild, I have cultural influences from my father, who is Japanese and African American and my mother, who is a mix of European ethnicities. It has taken a long time for me to truly appreciate my uniqueness and love who I am. I decided to use my name as my “brand" to live my Satya, truth. Born and raised in the PNW, I am a free spirit with a dash of sass! I have a huge heart that is truly my guiding light. Yoga has helped me listen to my inner voice and find my path. Combining yoga with photography is my way of helping other’s recognize the beauty inside of themselves and in the world around them. My goal is to empower others to take control of their lives and truly be happy.

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