Affordable Yoga Teacher Training


A 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training requires a significant investment
on several levels β€” not only the financial consideration, but also the
commitment of time + resources. I have never turned away anyone due to
financial issues.

We make our Yoga School affordable. For example, our Italy Yoga Teacher Training (Apr 13th-Jun15th) is $8.52/Hour of Education.

FULL PROGRAM RYT 200-Hour Teacher Training: $1,999 USD
MODULE 1 (88 Hours): $1175
MODULE 2 (65 Hours): $850

Alchemy of Yoga is unique from other teacher training programs in that it goes
way beyond mastering yoga poses. While you will learn a great deal about
asana, it is truly a journey in SELF-discovery through self-study. My
responsibility, and the rest of the Alchemy of Yoga team, is to provide
the inspiration into this self-inquiry and hold space for your growth in
a way that is true to your authenticity. We love you as you are.

Live in the most beautiful city in the world! Transform Yourself!

Feel our vibe? Join our tribe!

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