The Yoga Teacher Manifesto – 10 Steps To Becoming A Great Yoga Teacher

Today more than ever etiquette is important. Abiding by a shared Yoga Teacher Manifesto will help us garner more respect and elevate Yoga as a respectable profession.

According to Wikipedia “a rule of etiquette may reflect an underlying ethical code.” Yogically we know this as the Yamas and Niyamas. Therefore it makes sense that Yoga Teachers have a practical version of this beyond what Yoga Alliance presents us with.  As professionals, this helps us set-up realistic expectations with our students.

Is Professionalism going extinct?

According to the 2012 study by the Center for Professional Excellence at York College, the Polk-Lepson

Research Group surveyed 629 human resource and management professionals for their “Professionalism In The Workplace” study.  One-third of the HR and management professionals surveyed believe professionalism has declined over the past three years. If this is what is going on the corporate world we as yoga teachers are likely facing this same decline. The four indicators of professionalism are: Interpersonal skills (33.6%), work ethic (27.3%), appearance (25.3%), communication skills (24.9%).

10 Steps To Elevate The Yoga Teaching Profession from Good to Great

  1. Be prepared – demonstrate competency by being organized and professional
  2. Remain a student – practice yoga, take classes, workshops, trainings

Read the rest of the article here on Do You Yoga.

Teacher Manifesto Meme

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