Dancing With Our Shadows – Yoga Playlist

Playlist created by Betsy Shilling

Inspiration: Dancing with our shadows: up through the muck, moving into the Light.

Total Time: 75 minutes

Artist Song Album Time
The Candle Park Stars In Memorandum AHH Shimmer and Gold 3:52
Veronique Dumont Radha Meditation Shiva-Shati Mantras 8:11
Al Gromer Khan Agori Dance Tantra Drums 7:07
MC YOGI Prayer Wheel Mantras, Beats & Meditations 3:54
Pinback Loro Pinback 3:34
DJ Drez So High 4am: Plum Mood 4:46
MC YOGI Shedding Skin (Beloved Friend Instrumental) Pilgrimage: Instruments 2:49
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Mustt Mustt (Massive Attack Remix) Mustt Mustt Real World Gold 4:27
Zee Avi Don’t Worry, Be Happy Zee Avi’s Nightlight 4:58
Stacey Kent Ces Petis Riens Breakfast on the Morning Train 3:21
Pearl Django & Lance Buller Bedtime for Bix New Metropolitan Swing 4:19
East Forest Walk the Walk Love Bomb 4:47
Balmorea To The Order of Night Constellations 2:28
Shantala Closing Meditaiton Live in Love., vol 2 6:00
Baird Hersey & Prana Ahimsa The Eternal Embrace 5:14
Steven Halpern Om Zone – Pt .1 In the Om Zone 4:45

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